Property Management in Manhattan Beach, CA

We offer full service solutions for Southern California rentals

Property Management in Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach property management

Manhattan Beach is one of the three Beach Cities in Los Angeles County. Known for its stunning waterfront and beautiful climate, Manhattan Beach is a popular destination for families of all shapes and sizes looking to enjoy the best of Southern California.

As one might expect, Manhattan Beach residents have access to surfing, volleyball, and much more on the pristine beach. A number of local eateries and boutiques operate around the water, and visitors can explore the rich history of the city across the downtown neighborhood. 

Investing in Manhattan Beach Rentals

If you own Manhattan Beach rentals and you're looking to maximize the value of your investment, it's important to find a local property management team who can help you to optimize your home for success. The right Manhattan Beach property management team should have a proven track record of success and a passion for helping clients to achieve sustainable results.

Partnering with Alpha Dog Property Management in Manhattan Beach

Alpha Dog Property Management provides full service solutions for landlords across the Beach Cities, including in Manhattan Beach. Our team of residential specialists takes care of all of the hard work of property management for you, from finding qualified tenants to your home to addressing monthly rent collection and repair coordination. 

Learn more about our Manhattan Beach property management packages to see how we can help you to achieve your financial goals.

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Discover Our Services

We provide professional property management solutions

Property Marketing

Tired of sitting on vacancies for months on end? Turn to Alpha Dog and let us get your property rented. We use powerful promotional techniques to get your home off the market fast.

Tenant Screening

Great tenants pay rent on time, take care of your property, & don't cause problems. We do what we can to screen out bad renters, using background & financial checks to qualify applicants.

Rent Collection

Rent collection shouldn't feel like an impossible chore that hovers on your to-do list every month. Let us keep your tenants current and say goodbye to the hassle, once and for all.


From plumbing leaks to A/C failures, maintenance forms an important part of any property management approach. We handle all repair requests & get worked finished quickly.

Property Inspections

If you're worried about renters wreaking havoc inside your property, you'll love our proactive inspections. We regularly visit every home in our portfolio to enforce the terms of our leases.

Financial Reporting

Our team generates comprehensive statements for you every month, making it easy to track your earnings and expenses. Just sign into your account to take a look at your recent reports.


Evictions in California are notoriously tricky business. If you need to remove a tenant from your L.A. County rental home, we'll help you navigate the ups and downs of the legal eviction process.

Legal Guidance

Don't get tripped up by the extensive list of state and local ordinances governing your rental property. We're experts in CA rental law and we'll work hard to keep your property compliant.

Why Choose Alpha Dog Property Management?

Pick the right partner for your Beach Cities rental

1It's Easy to Reach Our Team

When you have concerns about your rental home, you don't want to wait around for your property manager to return your call. We do our best to stay easily accessible for our clients and we return phone calls and emails promptly.

2We Understand CA Tenant Law

As a property owner in Southern California, you need to take the ALPHA DOG approach to legal issues. Bad evictions, insurance problems, and housing violations are a real headache—work with us and we'll take care of all of the hard stuff for you.

3Tenants Love Our Managers

Keeping tenants satisfied comes naturally to us. We get the job done right from the very start. Satisfied renters lead to lower turnover rates and fewer problems for our clients, so by focusing on our tenants, we keep everybody happy.

4We Know the Beach Cities

The South Bay's Beach Cities come with their own unique set of challenges for rental property owners. We have worked extensively with clients in this area and we know how to consistently achieve great results for our customers.

Hear from Our Clients

Ben H.

"In my nearly 2 years of working with Brian Horan, he has always been very communicative and professional. He responds to tenant issues swiftly and with resolve. If only all property managers were this pleasant to deal with!"

Lorenzo D.

"Brian responded to our issues promptly and always resolved them quickly. He is very personable and competent and I enjoyed interacting with him. You can't go wrong with him working to keep your rental home in great shape."

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Operating a profitable rental home in one of the most challenging real estate markets in the nation is no small feat. Lots of property investors try the DIY route, only to find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of work on their shoulders. From finding great tenants to handling maintenance and accounting, property management takes plenty of time and attention. Working with a professional L.A. County property manager is the simple way to reduce the stress on your shoulders while also focusing on your longterm returns.

At Alpha Dog, we believe in using proactive management techniques to keep our clients homes performing optimally. We never stick our head in the sand or avoid difficult situations; instead, we confront the challenges our clients face head on and we solve problems efficiently. If you own a rental home in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, or Manhattan Beach, contact us today to learn how our management packages are designed with your needs in mind.

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